Learn how to get your pixels and enjoy!

You can earn Pixels in a variety of ways:

  • 1. Sign into Habbo once a day

  • 2. Get rewarded for spending time each day in Habbo- the longer you stay the more you earn!

  • 3. Complete Achievements, work as a Guide and give respect to other users

  • 4. Join Habbo Club!

How to spend? Check out catalog and the new Pixel Shop!

Rent some stuff!

Create a cool room, with these rocking room effects you can expand your friends experience.


Tune your character with cool effects that fit the occasion. Do you want to fly away with the red carpet or be in the spotlight? Now is your chance

Hot offers?

Earning Pixels gives you discounts on a wide variety of Furni - find out how much you can save in our offers section!