Habbo Club: become a VIP!


Habbo Club is our VIP members-only club - absolutely no riff-raff admitted! Members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including exclusive clothes, free gifts and an extended Friends List. See below for all the sparkly, attractive reasons to join.

1. Extra Clothes & Accessories

Show off your new status with a variety of extra clothes and accessories, along with special hairstyles and colors.

Try out Habbo Club clothes for yourself!

2. Free Furni

Once a month, every month, you'll get an exclusive piece of Habbo Club furni.

Important note: club time is cumulative. This means that if you have a break in membership, and then rejoin, you'll start back in the same place you left off.

3. Exclusive Room Layouts

Special Guest Room layouts, only for Habbo Club members. Perfect for showing off your new furni!

4. Access All Areas

Jump the annoying queues when rooms are loading. And that's not all - you'll also get access to HC-only Public Rooms.

5. Homepage Upgrades

Join Habbo Club and say goodbye to homepage ads! And this means you can make the most of the HC skins and backgrounds too.

6. More Friends

600 people! Now that's a lot of buddies however you look at it. More than you can poke with a medium-sized stick, or a big-sized small stick.

7. Special Commands

Use the :chooser command to see a clickable list of all the users in the room. Pretty handy when you want to sit next to your mate, or kick out a troublemaker.

Use the :furni command to list all the items in a room. Everything is listed, even those sneakily hidden items.

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Monthly Gifts

Club sofa
Club sofa