How to get Credits

The good thing about this server is that credits a free, yes, free. You won't have to spend a thing to get credits for building your favourite rooms. Just find out by using the methods below to receive credits.

  • Best Way

    • Be Online

      Just by playing on the server daily you can receive credits!

      Receive credits by being online
      You need to be in a room at least once a day, if you wait 2 minutes, you will recieve 120 credits just by being in a room.

      This happens once every 24 hours, so if you do the same thing tomorrow, you'll get another 120 credits!

      You will also receive 10 credits every 20 minutes for being active!

  • Other Ways

    • Vouchers

      You can get special codes to redeem vouchers

      Redeem your voucher code in your hotel purse, or on this page - and you will get your credits right away!

  • Other Ways

    • Reset Hand

      Virtual hand too full of furniture? Click here to reset it.

Your purse

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What are Habbo Credits?

Habbo Credits are the Hotel's currency. You can use them to buy all kinds of things, from rubber ducks and sofas, to HC membership, jukeboxes and teleports.

All legitimate ways to get Habbo credits are to the left. Remember: Habbo credits are ALWAYS and always will be free.

Play fair together!

Habbo Credits are free without any hassle! However, please be aware that we have stringent rules against cheating or hacking. Play fairly and enjoy your time on Habbo without the need for any unauthorized activities.