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BattleBall: Rebound!

Group created: Dec 19, 2019

248 members

Battleball Lobby

Learn all about BattleBall here!
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Tip 5: Bouncing on your tile three
times locks the square- make shapes
out of locked tiles to lock all the
tiles within.

Power Drill: Bounce on any tile in
the field to clear it.

Free Battleball

Yes until further notice we're letting you play both SnowStorm and Battleball for free - no tickets required.

Please note:
* skill levels don't apply for the free games - everyone can play everyone

Battle Bomb: Clears all tiles
around it- even yours!

Light Bulb: Turns all the tiles in a
small area your colour.

Flashlight: Colours all the tiles in a
straight line in front of you

Box of pins: Bouncing on these
will burst your ball!

Tip 3: Distract your opponent by
calling him or her strange names like
"llama feet".

Tip 2: Bounce on your own squares multiple times to gain extra points, rather than on empty squares.

Random: Gives you a power-up
chosen at random!

Tip 1: Bouncing over your opponents squares earns you more points than bouncing on empty squares.

Harlequin: Makes all other players
colour tiles for your team.

Tips & Tactics

Tip 4: The best power-up is the
Harlequin, while the worse is the
box of pins which can harm you
most of all!

Spring: Locks tiles to your colour
with a single bounce.

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