Good afternoon everyone,

We've got some awesome news for you! Habbo Legacy is back in after a few quiet months. We know you've all been wondering where we've been. It turns out, life happened. Between school, work, and everything else, we had to put Habbo Legacy on hold for a while.

I want to give a huge shoutout to Parsnip and Jeppe, for their amazing dedication towards this project and the overall retro scene. Jeppe, you're amazing for bringing the Flash client back to life! And Parsnip, creating a Launcher for the Shockwave and Flash client was genius, so thank you!

We're getting back in the swing of things, picking up where we left off. Our main goal is to recreate that Habbo experience that you all know and love.

We have already been pushing a few updates! You can now view group badges in the Flash client, some layout changes to the website, and a few bug fixes to make your experience even better.

Currently, it's mostly just me, stz33a and Jeppe working on this project now, so we'll do our best to keep things moving where we can. Your support means a lot to us, so thanks for hanging in there with us during our break.

I would also like to add that this project remains mainly an educational endeavor for both stz33a, Jeppe and myself. We're learning loads as we work on it! And while our main goal isn't to run a retro, we're happy that others can join in and enjoy the experience!

See you xx