Before we get on with the article, I want to first of all wish you a warm (Welcome back / Bienvenido de nuevo / bem-vindo / 欢迎回来 / Setup voortzetten) to Classic!
As you may or may not know, Habbo Legacy is a hotel based on the well known ClassicHabbo made by Quackster. ClassicHabbo was first opened to the public in a public beta back in 2018 but didn't have a proper launch until late 2019, and officially shut down for good in the end of 2022. Kindly enough from Quackster, the database for ClassicHabbo were made open to the public, and the core of the server infrastructure had been released to the public a while back.
This is an opportunity for us, as a community, to continue on building on the core that Quackster built. With Habbo Legacy we want to do it a bit differently from Classic. Proper, culturally diverse staff with dedicated roles and back-end developers that can focus on their respective roles without being overwhelmed with work. Because remember, we all do this as a hobby on our free time. It should be fun and engaging to work for this hotel!
However, before we move into the future we have to first rebuild the past. Sadly, there are a lot of features missing from the source given and there has been a lot of bugs that have had to be dealt with over the months. However, the good news is that we're getting there! The flash client is about 90% finished with a few missing features and the shockwave client works nearly identical to how it did in Classic. The work that has been done by the team has been incredible, and I do believe that with a proper team, development will occur rapidly!

Now for some Q&A!
Q: This is a beta right, will there be a wipe?
A: The current plan is to keep the old database for the duration of the beta, but not necessarily wipe at the end. We're looking into possibilities of migrating important memories such as photos, trophies, builds etc. While removing furnitures such as rares, LTD's and coins. With this tool, we hope that even if we would need more "wipes" in the future, you can trust us to keep your important data intact.
Q: When will the beta end?
A: We will be in beta until we feel like we have a trustable, stable, healthy staff team that we can count on. And also have fixed the existing bugs while implementing certain quality assurance features.
Q: What are the plans for the economy?
A: For HabboLegacy we want to do the economy a bit differently, we're looking into ways of ensuring the economy doesn't inflate and ensure that new users doesn't feel like they're being left behind from the market. More info will be coming about this later
Q: What about the community?
A: We want to look into ways of including the community in our decision making and not make decisions that goes against our community's wishes. More info about this later.